Friday, October 10, 2008

I have done it! After months of saying that I would make a blog and actually write in it and never actually doing it I have finally put my words into action. I am still not sure of the motive of this blog, I have no specific direction as of right now. So If it seems as though this is going seemingly nowhere you are lost in some other dimension of space or time and have no recollection of how or what made you visit this site on your computer and made it take some of your precious time out of your life, just remember you are reading my blog and it has no relevancy whatsoever and contains immense run on sentences about nothing. Apart from that I am now going to attempt to write some material worth reading. Well I am currently sitting the the lounge area at my school (southern utah university) which by the way is a great school. It is my first year down here, I am still not sure why I picked this school out of all the other various schools in utah. Maybe it is the fact that the girl to guy ratio is currently 4 to 1, or maybe the fact that the school itself is great. Probably a combination of the two. Well whatever it was I happy with my decision on going to school here. Well that is pretty much all I have to say right now so...I'll catch ya later.

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Kim said...

Keep it up, Jord. I wanna read some insights!