Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So I have realized that I have been neglecting my blog a little too much and I should probably write some more stuff down so everyone who enjoys reading this can enjoy it some more. So my week has been been going very well so far. I took that girl I was talking about out on a date and it went very well, we went to applebees and then played some music and then went star gazing. It was a very nice evening. Then yesterday (monday) I went and did a guitar audition thingy. I guess some company in town that builds guitars is holding a competition for all of those crazy guitarists out there and i figured "hey I can kinda play the guitar" so after i finished my classes i went down to where the auditions were held and proceeded to wait in line. After i was given a slip which asked for my e-mail and phone number I went in a played my little song an i am now just waiting to hear back from the judges. The word on the street right now is that if you win the contest you get a 1000 dollar guitar!!! No I didnt acidentially press the zero button one too many times you do in fact get a thousand dollar guitar. Let me say that again a 1000 dollar guitar! for free. So I am just crosing my fingers hopeing i at least have somewhat of a chance on getting it. well I have to go now but I will write later, have things to do and people to see ta ta.


Kim said...

I love star gazing. :) It was a great date!

David Gibby said...

You're still neglecting your blog.