Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well today is the middle of the week, it's not quite the beginning and not even near the end. This week has just been crawling by. Im not really sure why but it would rather have it move a little faster. Something interesting that i have been doing lately is an art project of mine. I was assigned about a week ago and I must say it is somewhat of a tedious task. You see the project consists of taking an ordinary fruit or vegetable and making 8 different sketches of it from any angle possible. After this you then take the 8 drawings and pick out 3-4 that are the most interesting or stand out to you. Then with these selected drawings you make a composition using all of the aspects from the drawings. After doing this you then make 3 copies of the composition and then do different types of shading on them. Once you finish these you pick one of them and blow it up to tripple the size. You then take this larger version of your drawing and make tiny little dots to create all the gradients that you made on your smaller drawing. All in all when you finally complete the project it takes about a month. I am currently creating lots and lots and LOTS of little tiny dots and still have about 30 more hours of work untill it is completed. So ya, that is what I am currently working on here and there when I can. This is not just for fun, if i was doing it for fun I would have to be crazy, it is for an art class I am taking which I enjoy quite a bit. So ya other than that my interesting aspect of my life everthing else is still somewhat normal. Another intereting thing which I just remembered is that I told this one girl that I would take her out on a date, that was a week ago...I still need to do that so I stick to my word. Not only would I be sticking to my word but this particular girl is very pretty and It would be quite benificial on my part to take her our before someone else does. Granted one date isnt going to do much but is still something. I probably sound like some immature eight grade twiterpaited boy right now but the fact of the matter is that sometimes you can't help but feel that way. However i am not saying that I am completely hopeless in all aspects of any type of relationship, I just can see how silly I am acting when it is esentially of very little importance to anyone besides myself. Well apart from that i guess that is all I have to say for now. May you have a great day!

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Kim said...

When's our date?